Anne Loader Publications was set up in 1996 to collect and publish Mid-Cheshire history, and the autobiographies of 'ordinary' local people so that their memories and experiences were not lost when they died. The venture has grown over the years to cover Cheshire and the surrounding counties, with occasional excursions into other parts of the UK, and to publish books about British property owners like us who have homes - either permanent or holiday - in France. Currently work is centring on converting our books to e-books, initially concentrating on Amazon's Kindle readers.

Sadly due to the Covid-19 pandemic we had to cancel the launch of "A Wartime Schoolboy - Memories of Fradley" by Colin Russell in Fradley Village Hall on Sunday, 29th March 2020. For more about the book click here.

We decided that we would have a Virtual Book Launch by recording what we would have said at the Launch and putting the video on the website. To see the Virtual Book Launch click here.

The Kindle version is available to download world-wide on Amazon (ASIN: B0852RK5NX). Click here to buy from Amazon.

Paperback copies are available locally or by post from Léonie Press.

29th March 2020

A Wartime Schoolboy - Memories of Fradley by Colin Russell

ANNE has come out of retirement (again!) from producing no new books to edit 'A Wartime Schoolboy'. We thought it was so beautifully-written and well-presented that it really should see the light of day via Léonie Press. Another consideration was that Anne has done a large amount of work studying the history and operation of Old Hall Farm in Fradley. Her maternal family rented the farm from Lord Lichfield from 1825 until 1964, so they were living there at the time being described. The village school is only a few tens of metres from the Farm, and the house where Colin Russell was brought up is only five minutes' walk away.

Wartime Fradley was an exciting place to live when Colin was just starting at the infants' school. The Staffordshire village - once a quiet agricultural backwater - was become home to RAF Lichfield, the busiest airfield in the county, and the lad's house, church and school were all under the flightpath. The planes flew so low at take-off and landing that he and his friends were able to wave to the pilots.

When his father was called up into the Army, leaving his mother on her own with two children, young Colin became 'the man of the house', literally stepping into his father's shoes and taking over his bike! A growing lad and always hungry, he planted vegetables in the back garden and earned extra money by delivering newspapers and picking potatoes.

He moved on to Alrewas Junior school in 1942 and was there to experience the largest-ever explosion in the UK when the RAF Fauld munitions store nearby exploded. He then passed the Scholarship to attend King Edward VI Grammar School in Lichfield from 1945-50.

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Fans of Anne's three books about St Paradis ("A Bull by the Back Door", " The Duck with a Dirty Laugh", and " The Bells of St Paradis") will be pleased to know that they can continue to follow the story of her experiences in rural central France.

We have launched an e-book entitled "Crazy about the Creuse: Jottings from the Heart of France", based on a regular column that Anne wrote for, a website that is devoted to all things relating to English-speaking people interested in the department of the Creuse. It is designed to be a companion volume to the St Paradis trilogy.

The 110,000-word e-book is a collection of more than 70 articles on a wide range of subjects from humorous features about our personal experiences to serious studies of Limousin folklore, architecture and social history.

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Anne Loader is a former newspaper editor and published author with many years' experience of writing, editing and design. Her expertise is combined with that of her husband Jack Loader, who is an expert in information technology, and Patricia Kelsall, who is an acclaimed artist and illustrator.

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