You may like to visit the sites listed below. The Hartford Twinning Committee does not endorse any of the sites or the services offered.

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Mornant Twinning Committee
Mornant Twinning Committee have their own website. Why not pay it a visit?

Mornant, La Maison de Pays
Mornant has a Museum of Local Life (La Maison de Pays) which is well worth a visit. It is also used for exhibitions - Richard and Patricia Kelsall, Beryl Farr and other local artists have had exhibitions there.

Hartford Manor CP School
Hartford Manor Primary School has links with the primary school in Mornant.

Committee member, Anne Loader, is a writer and publisher about France. Through Léonie Press she publishes books about the experiences of the British in France as well as books about Cheshire and North Wales local history and autobiography.

UK Town Twinning Portal
If you are interested in general twinning information and who is twinned with whom nationally, have a look at this site set up by the Sandy Twinning Association.

France magazine
The largest circulation UK magazine for francophiles, France Magazine contains wonderful photos and articles about France and the French way of life.

Living France
Published monthly, Living France, carries articles about buying and renovating property and living in France. There is a section on property for sale. In past issues it has carried extracts from "A Bull by the Back Door", "The Duck with the Dirty Laugh" by committee member, Anne Loader.

 Rychnov nad Kneznou
Our Borough, Vale Royal, is twinned with Rychnov nad Kneznou in the Czech Republic.