The group acts as a catalyst, enabling and encouraging other individuals and organisations to participate in the twinning.

Anyone from the village or the immediate area who has an interest in twinning is very welcome to join the group and attend the meetings. The dates of the meetings can also be obtained by contacting any of the members of the group listed below. Apart from the officers, the list below is just those people who attend the meetings most frequently and is not an exhaustive list of all the people who are involved with the twinning.


 Mrs Iris Isserlis    01606 75847
   Mr Mike Isserlis    
   Mr Allan Bell    
   Mrs Sheila Bell    
   Mrs Mary Atkin    
   Mr Peter Craven    
   Mrs Dorothy Craven    
   Mr John Harris    
   Mrs Patricia Kelsall    
   Dr Jack Loader    01606 75660
   Mrs Anne Loader    01606 75660
   Mr Alan Morron    
   Mrs Maureen Morron    

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